Software for taxi services

A cloud service without any limits on the number of drivers and dispatchers

Automation of taxi services, taxi companies, dispatch offices

We allow you to arrange your taxi business and connect an unlimited number of cities, phone numbers, drivers and dispatchers.

Ongoing update of software package.

Technical and administrative support.

Simple rate setting

Location of orders and drivers in every area of the city.

Taxsee Manager is good for automating taxi, taxi businesses, aggregators, taxi services.

Easy control

Daily performance control to improve efficiency.

All the info is subdivided into convenient groups: track the number of received, completed and canceled orders; view work with your partners; monitor drivers' activity.

Handy monitoring of the situation

Location of orders and drivers in every area of the city.

Analyze the situation in the city: number of current orders, available drivers, routes, etc., online from any place in the world with Internet access.

Taxi arrangement and management

This software is good for the work of various market participants: both for people experienced in arranging a transportation business and for newcomers.

Business newcomer

Arrange and monitor taxi activities.

Ready-to-use developments, intuitive and handy for novice entrepreneurs.

Experienced entrepreneur

Meet competition using trusty solutions.

This software allows you to automate most processes.

Major player

Scale your business using the technology which already works in different markets, both in Russia and abroad.

Foreign partners

The components of our software solution can be easily translated and customized for any country.

Calculate offer cost

One of our service specialists will tell you about partnering with us and unique features of our software.

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